Stallworth Productions 

                                                            Theatrical  Productions & Novels 

Stallworth Productions-
Executive Producer

Stallworth Productions is a theatrical and leisure entertainment company founded by Greg Stallworth. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its mission is to provide quality theatrical stage plays along with hosting special leisure entertainment  & travel excursions. Greg has written and produced numerous stage plays of focusing on pressing issues and social issues affecting our communities.

Some of his works include: " A Mother's Plea"  "Eve In Paradise", "The Repossessed Woman", "The Baby's Daddy", "I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart", "Extreme Obsession", "Rent & Money Orders", "The Gold Coast Club", "Ruthless", "Mama Can't Save You", "Trapped" which is currently touring and his most recent regional premiere of "Brooklyn, Real Time for A 


Greg's theatrical production "A Mother's Plea" that was accepted in the 2015 National Black Theatrical Festival in Winston Salem, North Carolina. A Mother's Plea in 2016 was rewritten and converted into a film short by New Life Productions in Columbia, South Carolina. 

Mr. Stallworth is also a published Author. His play "Double Deceived"  after it's acclaimed run, was transformed into a book. His recent book "Cross Wires" will be released in 2019.