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Trapped has been touring for almost a decade. Demonstrating to audiences from churches to prisons. This presentation is to expose the signs, stigmas and side-effects of mental, emotional and physical abuse. Trapped is used to invoke conversations in the community around the need for resources and places of trust and safety for survivors.
Staring award winning stage, film and commercial Actress Khrys Styles. & Prolific Spoken Word Artist & Actor Curtis Drake Shepard. Together these two bring to life a powerful message of abuse, forgiveness and atonement.

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A non-traditional healing initiative for survivors of sexual & domestic abuse.

Trapped is presented by The K.A.S.S.I.E. Project as a tool to offer awareness & education around the need of resources, services and support for  those affected by domestic violence. 

Visit iamkassie.org for more information on  our mission to end the generational cycle of abuse and create the generational cycle of h