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AND WHAT is the brainstorm of author, newly fashion designer and Cincinnati native Greg Stallworth. His signature clothing design was placed on outerwear as a way of creating national social conversations among his consumers and the general public. AND WHAT has been receiving much publicity through his promotional events. Greg has been asked many times why he has put such basic words on his clothing apparel. His answer is always the same which is whatever you want it to mean. AND WHAT has no truly defined definition or meaning. Through his most unique and creative way to create an open discussion Greg welcomes open communication from anyone on his logo design. The patented brand logo AW(tm) that is enclosed in a circle is his platform to start a buzz across the country about you guessed it, AND WHAT. Greg’s vision is that his brand AND WHAT will take the place of our common greetings of hello and good morning. Does that make sense? We will let you be the judge. AND WHAT! Apparel will include t-shirts, shorts, jackets, pants, caps and hoodies. They will be in very fashionable colors to attract interest of all ages. AND WHAT and the AW brand will be launched on May 1, 2019 and will be available to purchase online at www.stallworth productions.com and by going on Facebook and Twitter. Phone orders and purchases will be available by calling (513) 617-4677    

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